Ogiek Peoples Development Program

The Ogiek Peoples’ Development Program (OPDP) was founded in 1999, and registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in 2001 by the Kenyan government. It was formed by typical Ogiek elders, opinion leaders, farmers and professionals after long land historical injustices that deprived Ogiek community of its rights as Kenyan citizen. Its aim is to promote and protect Ogiek culture, land, language, environment, and human rights. It is based in Nakuru town and operates in three main counties inhabited by this community namely: - Nakuru, Uasin Gishu, and Narok.
Ogiek means ‘ caretaker of all’ of plants and animals, or scientifically the flora and fauna. The Maasai nicknamed them “ iltorobo” that meant a poor person without herds of cattle. They are a hunter gatherer group and solely depend on the forest for food, medicine, shelter and preservation of their culture. Ogiek being foresters and conservators of nature, they are found in places where trees, birds and wild animals provides them with psychological comfort. Ogiek population is being estimated to be approximately 30,000 people, though no exact census have been done clearly targeting this endangered community. .


Capacity Building workshop on CBD and Nagoya Protocol

The aim of the training was to strengthen the indigenous Peoples Participation in Biodiversity conservation and upholding traditional knowledge.

Seminar for Advancement of the Minority Rights

OPDP applauds the Chair of the Working Group on Indigenous Populations in Africa for the working group's laudable efforts to support states

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Indigenous Peoples conference on Land Policy Framework in Africa

Indigenous Peoples conference on Land Policy Framework in Africa hosted by OPDP in Nairobi on 13-14 August, 2014.

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