Community Identity and Participation

OPDP focuses on enhancing community-driven development approaches that are well suited to the holistic perspectives of Ogiek community. Ensure meaningful consultation and participation of the Ogiek community on decisions affecting...

Gender and Youth Empowerment

OPDP strives to strengthen the role of Ogiek women and youth as custodians of culture, language and beliefs of the Ogiek community. Strengthen the role of Ogiek women and youth...

Good Governance and Institutional Capacity

OPDP aims at safeguarding community and stakeholders' satisfaction with its programmes and services. Ensure effective and efficient operations an service excellence Ensure adequate resources for diverse for community change programmes Ensure active...

Land and Natural Resources Rights

OPDP seeks to ensure access to justice as fundamental human right issues as enshrined in the constitution and other international and regional human right instruments. Ensure effective interaction of the...


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