Taskforce on implementation of African Court's decision on Ogiek's rights is scheduled to receive submissions from the community members on  February 6,2019 at the Regional Commissioner's Hall in Nakuru town,Nakuru County.

The Dr. Robert Kibugi led taskforce will be sitting from 9.30am to 5.00pm,allowing the Ogiek to present their views in regard to the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights ruling concerning the Ogiek and their existence in Mau Forest Complex. The ruling was made on May 26,2017.The Court found that the Kenyan government violated various rights of Ogiek by evicting them their ancestral land in Mau Forest namely their right to enjoy land ownership and own property;access and utilize natural resources. Additionally, the government abused their right to enjoy their cultural and religious practices.

Thus,the Court ordered Kenyan government to take all appropriate measures within a reasonable timeframe to remedy all the violations committed against the Ogiek. Further, the Court awarded Ogiek restitution and allowed the community and the Kenyan government to submit their recommendations. The Ogiek now await a further Court ruling on reparations.

The ruling was the first indigenous peoples’ rights case brought before the Court and by far the largest ever case it had to consider.The case has  set significant procedural precedent, since it was the first ever case to have been referred to the Court by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights  in which judgment was delivered following a substantive hearing of the arguments of both parties.



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