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Land and Natural Resource Protection and Management

This programme is designed to address key issues related to land tenure of the vulnerable Ogiek people, and their participation in protection and management of their land and resources. The goal of the programme is to secure the land tenure of the Ogiek people through recognition of community land rights.

The programme covers the following areas:-

  • Legal Advocacy specifically the Ogiek litigation at the African Court.
  • Community Capacity building on land and resource rights.
  • Community land protection through supporting different Ogiek groups to develop Land and Natural Resource Management Plans and Bio-cultural Protocols (BCP).
  • Access to Justice for victims of land rights violations through working with community paralegals.
  • Advocacy for enactment and implementation of legislation to protect community land rights.
  • Supporting Community Forest Associations (CFAs) to establish Forest-Based Enterprises for conservation and income generation.

Livelihoods Empowerment

OPDP has initiated livelihoods empowerment projects in Nakuru, Narok and Uasin Gishu counties targeting Ogiek women and youth. With the aim of improving their standards of living, promoting self-reliance and their participation in socio-economic development, we have assisted more than 10 groups to establish poultry, beekeeping, potato farming, and sheep rearing enterprises for income generation in the past 2 years. We have provided financial support and conducted entrepreneurial skills training for the beneficiaries. Such initiatives have enhanced the competencies of Ogiek women and youth, majority of whom are poor, to access and manage resources and expand their options for sustainable livelihoods.

A human rights based approach has been employed in order to improve the knowledge of Ogiek women on their socio-economic rights and also empower them to demand for such rights. The programme is also focussed on providing awareness on socio-economic rights as stipulated in the new constitution and information on the existing and new services at the county (devolved government) and national level that are instrumental to increasing women's social and economic protection and well-being and their participation in economic development.

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