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Who we are

The core mandate of OPDP is undertake social work aimed at promoting social change, social development, social justice, social cohesion, and the empowerment of the Ogiek community. OPDP was formed by typical Ogiek elders, opinion leaders, farmers and professionals after long land injustices that deprived Ogiek community of its rights as Kenyan citizen.

OPDP's work is centered on promoting the recognition and identity of Ogiek culture, the participation and inclusion of the community in all sectors of development, championing for land rights, ensuring environmental protection, and overall sustainable development.

We combine practical programmatic ideas and effective advocacy to address the challenges facing the indigenous Ogiek community. Our work is based on the values of service, justice, fairness and equity for all, community participation and involvement, transparency and accountability.


An empowered Ogiek community in a Kenyan society that embraces equality and diversity.


OPDP exists to promote and advocate for the participation, self-determination and human rights of the members of the Ogiek community for sustainable development in Kenya.

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