Monitoring,researching,documenting and reporting sum up to a successive advocacy on human rights matters. These are the roles that for the past eight years paralegals have been playing while driving Ogiek Peoples' Development Program(OPDP) agenda for  collective recognition, respect and protection of Ogiek's human rights.Ogiek is one of the conservative communities in Kenya rich in traditional cultures of hunting and gathering. It is an indigenous community with a  minority population of 45,000 and live in separate parts of Mau Forest Complex in Rift Valley and Mt Elgon Forest in Western Kenya. They consider these areas their ancestral homes where they held their socio-religious activities including prayers,rituals,weddings and circumcision.However,persistent evictions from their ancestral homes beginning as early as 1930s greatly disrupted their way of life. These forceful ejections have constantly exposed them to abuse of their cultural,religious,development,property,environment,natural resources,political and economic rights.

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