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Ogiek Pollinators Meeting

The Ogiek Peoples have since time immemorial had an in-depth knowledge of the complex forest ecosystems they live in. For instance the Mau Forest Complex being the main habitat for the Ogiek people

is also a vital habitat for wild pollinators. The traditional resource management systems has been handy in protection and maintenance of the local biodiversity especially in ensuring the existence of a continuous provision of services that are critically important for the Ogiek peoples well being. A  three day Ogiek pollinators meeting convened by the OPDP just ended. In the meeting a consensus was reached that pollinators need to be protected as they play a paramount role in food security. The key strategy into achieving this was agreed to be putting up conservation initiatives for the various pollinators community groups in Mau Forest Complex in order to reduce the massive ongoing forest destruction.

This event sponsored by the Indigenous Patnership for Agrobiodiversity and  Food Sovereignty based in Rome Italy brought together 36 Participants