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 i)                    Cultural Festival

The Ogiek community has its own unique culture. However over the years as a result of migration, assimilation and interaction, some people have changed the way of speaking and have adopted other cultural practices in relation to attitudes, values and social structures.

In order to ensure Ogiek culture is not lost, OPDP have been organizing annual cultural events to celebrate the unique and distinctive Ogiek culture and share it with a wider audience. The event allows the community to express themselves through traditional folk songs, dance, poetry and drama. It also aims at encouraging the dissemination of knowledge of history, traditions, language, and culture thus enhancing their identity.

 ii)                  Documentation

In order to ensure the Ogiek traditional knowledge is preserved and passed from one generation to the other, OPDP finds it essential to do documentation. We conducted a study  on Ogiek Traditional Medical Knowledge to identify the diversity and dynamics of traditional healing practice in the Ogiek community.

This study is expected to enhance the wider use of traditional medical knowledge as well as promote its preservation.